If they tell you "It's impossible. One cannot do it". It is not the truth. Ask me.

Php developer

  • My activity

    My activity consists in assisting the graphics in powering web sites, both existing and in the development stage. with features as database connection (corporate and specially developed), monitoring, marketing (newsletters, A / B analysis, etc. .), registration to events and newsletters, feedbacks, surveys, geolocation, social, session management, restricted areas, cooperation with SEO, b2b and b2c e-commerce, etc. - Any request beyond the graphic work.

  • I can also

    I can also convert existing sites into custom CMS to allow their management by the end user (news, shop update, photo gallery, etc.).

    Since 40 years I am a software developer, especially in Open Source, and I have 15 years experience in LAMP programming (PHP / MySql / JavaScript), in addition to being an analyst and systems engineer.

    I can also implement special classes in Php and any scripts in Javascript, for every purposes.

    The first project will be at half price.

  • I propose my cooperation

    I propose my cooperation, both occasional that ongoing, both for small jobs and for the complete development of websites and intranets (including management systems) and I guarantee fast and competitive prices.
    My work is not limited to the development of the required scripts, but I can also give technical snd marketing advice. I also offer a guarantee on the work and I guarantee you, on request, assistance, updates and improvements.

    As a trivial example, I can implement within 24 hours the complete management of subscription to a website or a newsletter (frontend + backend + email confirmation + confirmation verification - also without a db).
    Consueling and quotes, via email, free and without any obligation.

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